Possible procedures

  • Rent reduction

If you're paying too much (basic)rent according to the legal measuring system,  we start a procedure to reduce the rent to the maximum rent.

  • Rent review

During the first 6 months of your contract we can review the rent. We can reduce the rent retroactively if you are paying too much. Also, if your rent is above the € 710,68 per 1-1-2015 (free sector), we can check if you rent is reasonable and free of legal limits.

  • All-in price

The rent should be clear differentiate between the basic rent and service costs, if not we can start a procedure because it is not allowed to have an all-in contract.

  • Service costs

Service costs are housing costs not covered by the basic rent. Service costs are for items like energy, water, furnishings, cleaning costs etc. If you disagree about the amount or about the (annual) financial calculation we can start a procedure.

  • Maintenance

If there are defects in your room or apartment we can start a procedure for temporary rent reduction until defects have been rectified.

  • Objection rent increase

The landlord can increase the rent annually (every Juli) with a fixed percentage witch the goverment will announce. If the landlord wants to increase the rent more than is aloud or if the rental price is above the legal limit, you can make objection.

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