In the Netherlands tenants have a strong legal position and rental protection. Every room or apartment (till € 710,68 per 1-1-2015) has a legal limit that depends on a measuring system (WWS). Every tenant can ask the Rentalcommission to decide about the legality of the rental price and service costs. If your rent appears to be too high, if the property you rent shows maintenance problems or if the contract is incorrect, we can start a procedure on your behalf at the Rentalcommission. The Rentalcommissie is an independent organization that deals with disputes between tenants and landlords about maintenance, rent and fees from rental properties.

The Huurteam will help you during the whole process. The first step is that we visit your room or apartment to measure it and to look at the condition of your room. During this visit we will give you an advice about the rental price. If you want to start a procedure you have to give us authorization so we can handle the process on your behalf.

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